On this page you will find all the information about the foals we are expecting.
By clicking on one of the foals you will find more information about the pedigree of this foal.

sire dam expected for status

I'm Special de Muze Zermie PP Int. Spr. Stb Ext. (Sheraton x Burggraaf) 20-03-2018 -

Kentucky v/h Ruytershof Everdina PP PROK (Toulon x Burggraaf) 21-03-2018 -

Glock's Johnson TN Femme Fatale (Florencio x Donnerhall) 26-03-2018 -

Blue Hors Zack Ice Cool Helena PP PROK (Cuvanck PP x Laudabilis) 01-04-2018 -

For Romance I Hot Helena PP (Cuvanck PP x Laudabilis) 09-04-2018 -

Jakarta J-Lovanck PP (Desperado x Donnerhall) 11-04-2018 -

Balou du Rouet Wadina PROK (Corrado I x Tangelo XX) 16-04-2018 -

Aganix du Seigneur Udina PROK Prest. (Gran Corrado x Tangelo XX) 17-04-2018 -

Gammelenggårds Zappa Donnavanck PP PROK Stb. Ext. (Londonderry x Münchhausen) 18-04-2018 -

Douglas VDL Fadermie PP (Diamant de Semilly x Grannus) 18-04-2018 -

Impala SMH SMH Kidermie PP (Kannan x Grannus) 19-04-2018 -

Just Wimphof Isavanck PP (Chippendale x Kostolany) 30-04-2018 -

Ipsthar Zadermie (Clinton x Burggraaf) 05-05-2018 -

Glock's Zonik Lolita (Laudabilis x Rosenkavalier) 08-05-2018 -

Baron Julavanck PP Vrl Keur PROK NMK (De Niro x Lord Leatherdalde) 13-05-2018 -

Baron Julavanck PP Vrl Keur PROK NMK (De Niro x Lord Leatherdale) 13-05-2018 -

Glock's Zonik Annevanck PP Elite Sport PROK (Münchhausen x Donnerhall) 30-05-2018 -

Cornet Obolensky Ladina Keur Sport (Int. spr.) (Grannus x Tangelo XX) 28-06-2018 for sale


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